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Thanks for visiting Greenpeace Foundation. On these pages you'll find information on our campaigns, mission and history, along with urgent action alerts and ways you can get involved NOW. GPF exists as a tool for you to use in your personal efforts to save the planet.

Check this site often, as it is frequently updated with new information and fast-breaking opportunities for you to make a difference for wildlife and the environment. And for a recent overview, click here to read the latest "President's Letter" by veteran Greenpeace campaigner Susie White.

You'll find that this site and this organization are about real issues and real people engaged in the most important work which can be done: protecting and preserving the life systems of planet earth.

We hope you find what you're looking for here, and that you enjoy the experience! Join the fight, share in the victories, and let your voice be heard.

To email us, send to To phone, call (415) 689-9931

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The monthly letter from our president

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Bowhead Whales are – by far – the oldest living mammals!

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